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December 15, 2022
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Introducing Valhallan Esports League - and Our First Global Tournament

We’ve merged our recently acquired leagues to form VHEL. Now it’s game on.

Introducing Valhallan Esports League - and Our First Global Tournament

We’ve merged our recently acquired leagues to form VHEL. And we’re celebrating with a free global tournament to kick things off.

We’re thrilled to announce the merger of the United Federation of Esports Athletes (UFEA) league and the North American Esports League (NAEL) to create Valhallan Esports League (VHEL). We’re celebrating by hosting our first global event — Rise to Ragnarök ("R2R") — a free competition taking place January 14-15, 2023, the first of what will be a series of events.

The free Rise to Ragnarök competition will be the inaugural event held by the VHEL, bringing coached youth teams from all over the globe to compete against top teams in their peer groups in premier games such as Fortnite®, Rocket League®, Valorant®, Overwatch 2®, and Apex Legends®. Teams will be split into skill-based divisions to ensure tournaments are competitive and fair for all.

From now until January 13, 2023, coach-led teams can register for the event  for free or with a donation to Autism Speaks.

“Organized, live competition creates an engaging esports experience that gives kids the same social benefits traditional team sports provide,” said Christopher Baarstad, vice president of VHEL tournament operations and former league director of the UFEA. “Launching VHEL with this free Ragnarök series event gives young gamers a platform to expand communication, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. These are all examples of essential social skills kids learn from practicing and playing traditional team sports.”

The creation of VHEL, which follows several strategic league acquisitions, will bring new resources, business opportunities, and growth to the Valhallan organization. This includes increased access to representation in college esports, and the ability to run large-scale events. VHEL is open to all youth-coached esports teams, regardless of where they are located and whether they are connected to a scholastic organization. Gamers and parents alike can expect more consistent competition opportunities and will see the level of competition increase as VHEL continues to grow.

“The merging of the NAEL and UFEA into the new VHEL opens many opportunities not only for our youth but also for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to jump into an ever-growing esports industry,” said Matt Phillips, brand president of Valhallan. “The merging of the leagues, and the events it will sponsor, give existing and potential future Valhallan franchise owners a unique advantage for scaling their business in a high-demand market while they create a fun and safe environment where kids can learn as they participate in an activity they enjoy.”

The R2R competition is free to all participants; however, we do welcome donations to benefit Autism Speaks, which we have strategically aligned with to continue making the esports community more inclusive. Donations to Autism Speaks will soon be accepted through VHEL's Twitch page.

More information will be announced via the Rise to Ragnarök page. Any questions about the R2R competition can be sent to

Valhallan, launched by FranchiCzar, a developer of world-class software and services designed to help franchise brands scale their growth, is actively recruiting potential franchise owners in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The initial investment for a Valhallan franchise ranges from approximately $52,950 to $201,400 in the U.S. Prospective franchisees in Canada and the U.K. can contact Valhallan for pricing information.

More information on Valhallan and how to inquire about franchise opportunities nationwide is available at, and for the U.K. Interested parties can also contact to learn more. Please visit to learn more about the Valhallan Esports league or the Rise to Ragnarök competition.

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