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June 7, 2022
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Valhallan Acquires North American Esports League

Big news! We’ve acquired the North American Esports League (NAEL). And we’re taking it global.

Valhallan Acquires North American Esports League

We're entering the big leagues. We’ve acquired the NAEL. And we’re taking it global—starting with the U.K.  

Valhallan is thrilled to welcome the NAEL – the largest youth esports league with more than 100 total teams for players under 15 years old – to our family. The acquisition raises our profile as a leader in youth esports, combining our unprecedented training curriculum and sleek arenas with tournament play in an established league.  

What’s more — we’re building on the NAEL’s growth by introducing the league in major markets across the globe, including the launch of the United Kingdom Esports League (UKEL) in the coming months. Valhallan, the NAEL, the UKEL and future international leagues will combine to create Valhallan Holdings (VHH). 

A Match Made in Valhalla(n)

Both Valhallan and the NAEL were founded to create an opportunity for younger gamers to play against their peers in a productive, interactive, competitive environment. Teams play in-person and have pro-style tournaments to showcase their talents.  

The NAEL will continue to host events throughout the year, with major events including the Summer and Winter World Series. Players currently compete in Fortnite, Overwatch, Rocket League and Valorant, with more games coming soon. The NAEL and UKEL will continue to welcome teams from LAN centers, clubs, schools, and other organizations and incoming Valhallan teams. 

“The acquisition of the NAEL and our global league expansion plans are exciting opportunities for Valhallan, our franchise owners, our gamers and their families and the entire esports industry,” said David Graham, chief executive officer of Valhallan and its parent company FranchiCzar. “Valhallan can now offer esports players an established, high-profile platform to compete and test their skills with the best esports training and arenas available. We’re continuing to build on the growth of the esports industry with the goal of giving players everything they need to realize their potential.” 

Given Valhallan’s rapid growth, with 13 agreements finalized within our first month of franchising, we’re actively seeking potential franchise owners across major markets in the U.S. and the U.K. The initial investment for a Valhallan franchise is approximately $52,950 to $201,400 in the U.S. Prospective franchisees in the U.K. can contact us for pricing information.  

More information on Valhallan and how to inquire about franchise opportunities nationwide is available at in the U.S. and in the U.K. 

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