Valhallan Acquires the United Federation of Esports Athletes

We’ve acquired the UFEA, making Valhallan the largest youth esports franchise.

Valhallan is thrilled to welcome the United Federation of Esports Athletes (UFEA) league into the family. The UFEA is a youth esports league designed for high school students and is an ideal match for our mission and goals. The move also makes Valhallan the largest youth esports franchise.

The acquisitions of the UFEA and the NAEL further establish Valhallan as the premier leader in youth esports, bringing our exclusive training program and arenas together with high-profile tournament play for all players aged 7-18 years old.  

Under our holding company, Valhallan Holdings (VHH), which claims ownership of the NAEL, UFEA, an upcoming European league, and any future esports acquisitions. Valhallan now boasts over 3,000 total players. 

Coordinating the Co-Op  

​​Founded in early 2021 with just a few schools from Trinity League, UFEA started as a modest attempt to meet the needs of a few schools. Since then, it has grown into a program that focuses on competitive play and college-level opportunities for players. In less than two years, the UFEA has expanded to include dozens of schools and organizations domestically - with teams across more than ten states and every U.S. time zone. The UFEA also collects data and helps to find fits for college recruitment, forging a path toward collegiate esports opportunities. 

“The acquisition of the UFEA and our global league expansion plans are exciting opportunities for Valhallan, our franchise owners, our players and their families, and the entire esports industry,” said Matt Phillips, brand president of Valhallan. “Valhallan continues to build on its established, high-profile platform to compete and grow the best esports training and arenas available.”

The acquisition of the UFEA aims to add value to school esports programs, franchise-owned esports teams, and other programs such as participating LAN centers. —Aall esports programs are invited to join the UFEA and NAEL for their upcoming fall season.  After that, the UFEA will be rolled up to the North American Esports League moving forward.

“We at the United Federation of Esports Athletes are thrilled to join Valhallan and the likes of the North American Esports League to help actualize the reality of esports as a career to students,” said Christopher Baarstad, UFEA league director. “With Valhallan, we are excited to offer more than just a gaming platform. We can teach our players different aspects, including team management and marketing.”

The UFEA and NAEL are actively seeking to add teams for the upcoming 2022 Fall Season. The UFEA will cover the games: Valorant®, Overwatch 2®, Rocket League®, Fortnite®, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate®, League of Legends®, Apex Legends®, and Halo®.

Registration closes on September 21. Discounts are available for early registration and new teams registering to the UFEA. For more information about registration for the UFEA 2022 Fall Season, please visit 

Designed for teams ages 7-15, the NAEL 2022 Fall Season will include the titles: Fortnite, Overwatch 2, Rocket League, and the newly-added Apex Legends. The season begins on September 10. For more information about the fall season, please visit More details on the NAEL is available at 

More information about the UFEA is available at

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