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April 21, 2022
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Get the Cheat Codes on Esports Franchising

Grow your portfolio and your community by launching a local business for less than $60K.

Get the Cheat Codes on Esports Franchising

Breaking into a multibillion-dollar industry has never been easier. Grow your portfolio and your community by launching a local business for less than $60K.

Ever wondered how to turn your love for video games into a business? Whether you’re a lifelong gamer, have a passion for team building and mentorship, or just looking to develop a new revenue stream – Valhallan offers entrepreneurs like you everything you need to launch a successful esports business.

With Valhallan, you’ll help develop the next generation of esports athletes through training, weekly matches, and tournaments using popular games like Valorant®, Fortnite®, Rocket League®, and Overwatch® all while growing your business and building community in your area.

What exactly is esports?

Esports refers to video games played in a competitive environment – often (but not always) as a team sport. Players all over the world compete in professional and amateur tournaments for popular video games. And among kids, competitive esports are becoming as big of a deal as traditional youth sports like football and basketball. In the U.S., 8,600 high schools have esports teams and 175 colleges now offer scholarships for esports athletes.

And just like in traditional sports, players can go pro either as an individual or as part of a team. Pro esports teams have owners, endorsement deals, and cash prizes from tournaments. For gamers with big dreams of turning their passion into a career, the future is bright.  

Where does Valhallan come in?

When parents sign their kids up for basketball and soccer teams, it’s not just about playing a game. At Valhallan, we’ve developed a program that goes beyond game mastery to build skills and confidence that pays off in school and in life. They’re part of a team in a positive social environment that’s often lacking when kids play video games at home.

Valhallan athletes embark on the Legendary Path – our unrivalled 9-level curriculum designed to prep gamers for competitive team play by teaching core values like sportsmanship, teamwork, and  perseverance, together with technical training specific to each game.  

Here’s an example of what they’ll see:

Want to get into the game?

You’re in luck. We’re looking for motivated entrepreneurs to open Valhallan franchise locations in their area.

With our flexible franchise model, you can open a Center in a permanent, brick-and-mortar space or open a Studio within an existing space (like a school, library, or LAN center). For as little as $53,000, you could launch a franchise in your community while establishing yourself in the global esports industry that, according to consumer data, will approach $3 billion by 2025.

Interested in franchising but don’t know much about esports? We got you.

Valhallan was developed by FranchiCzar – a team with decades of experience in franchising and specializing in youth programs – including building the largest kids STEM franchise.  

Your journey to Valhallan franchise ownership starts by requesting franchise info. Our franchise team will fulfill your request send you the details, and will be happy to answer questions, arrange a call to explore the opportunity further, and direct you to additional learning channels for prospective franchisees.

If it’s the right fit, you’ll be invited to attend a Discovery Day session at the FranchiCzar headquarters.  Here, you’ll connect with other prospective franchisees, meet the entire FranchiCzar team (that’s everyone from the CEO to our graphic designers), and learn everything you need to know about becoming a Valhallan franchisee.

Once you’ve taken the next step and signed the franchise agreement, you’ll have a dedicated point of contact to walk you through the entire launch. Think – signing a lease, hiring tips, growing your customer base, and beyond.

When you open a Valhallan franchise, you’re not bootstrapping a startup in a silo – you’re partnering with the best and building your business on the bedrock of a world- class brand.

Join us on the Legendary Path.

The esports industry is booming. According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), 76% of kids in the U.S. play video games and 25% of Gen Z leisure time is spent on gaming. If you’re looking for a hot market, you can’t get much better than that.

With growing popularity among both kids and parents, year-round play (that is, not seasonal like traditional sports), low start-up costs, and experienced support from FranchiCzar – there’s no better franchising opportunity than Valhallan.

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