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January 8, 2024
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Unveiling Valhallan Camp Hill: Central Pennsylvania's Premier Youth Esports Arena

Valhallan brings competitive youth gaming, essential skills, and camaraderie to kids and teens in Central Pennsylvania

Unveiling Valhallan Camp Hill: Central Pennsylvania's Premier Youth Esports Arena

Valhallan Camp Hill is Now Open!

The first and largest youth esports training arena center in Central Pennsylvania has officially opened its doors. Valhallan Camp Hill recently held its Grand Opening Celebration – a family-friendly event filled with gaming, exciting prizes, and endless fun!

A Vision for the Future of Competitive Gaming

Valhallan Camp Hill joins the rapidly growing field of Valhallan arenas which offers an innovative approach to nurturing the talents of young gamers and preparing them for a bright future in gaming and in life.

Owner and gaming enthusiast Andrew Aultman, wanted a place where kids could step out of isolation and into a high-tech facility, learning valuable life skills through the world of video games.

Aultman shared, "I've been immersed in gaming my entire life, starting with the Atari 2600 in the early '80s. With nearly 50 years of gaming experience, I've always wanted to find a positive way to channel this passion. Valhallan is our way of providing healthy alternatives for kids and passing on the opportunities we didn't have."

More Than Just Gaming: An Education-First Facility

As you walk into Valhallan Camp Hill for the first time, you'll notice that it's not your typical gaming arena. Kids who may never have spoken before are teaming up and building friendships. Coaches are close at hand providing guidance and support. The excitement is palpable. There’s a noticeable lack of toxic behavior. That’s because Valhallan is dedicated to shaping well-rounded individuals, focusing on mental training, and incorporating a curriculum that goes well beyond just playing games.

A Solution for Aspiring Gamers and Their Parents

One of the unique aspects of Valhallan is its role as a solution for parents facing the question, “ What do I do if my child wants to be a gamer?" We believe that just like traditional sports, gaming should have a dedicated and supportive space for skill development. We are here to be the answer for parents and the pathway for youth who wish to pursue gaming.

Aultman added, "If your child expresses a desire to be a gamer, bring them to Valhallan. We unlock their potential, teach essential skills, and offer the same opportunities found in any other sport. We want to be the answer to that question for parents.”

More Coming Soon!

At Valhallan arenas, competitive gaming is a tool for teaching kids and teens teamwork, leadership, and communication – just like traditional sports. More arenas are opening nationwide, offering young people more chances to learn life skills, connect with a community, and have a blast with friends. Find an arena near you.

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