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July 20, 2023
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Stepping Up Online Safety: A Closer Look at Discord's New Family Center

Discord allows parents to monitor their child's online activity while respecting privacy, providing a valuable tool for digital parenting.

Stepping Up Online Safety: A Closer Look at Discord's New Family Center

Have you found yourself wondering what your kids are up to on Discord? The company is now giving parents a helping hand in monitoring your child's online activity with the recent launch of the Discord Family Center. Let's dive into what this means for you.

What's Up with Discord?

Discord started as a communication platform for gamers in 2015, but it's grown into so much more. From gaming and online dating to creating AI art, it's a digital wonderland for young users over. But as parents, we know there's always a flip side. With the internet's anonymity, it can be tough to know who our kids are connecting with, which has us rightfully worried. Thankfully, Discord is taking steps to alleviate our concerns.

Enter the Family Center

So, what is this Family Center, and how can it help you? Essentially, it's a new tool that allows you to oversee your child's activity on Discord - and it respects your child's privacy at the same time. Let's break down its key features:

Activity Dashboard: This dashboard gives you a snapshot of your child's recent activity. You can see who they've added as friends in the past week, which servers they've joined, and where they're actively participating.

Weekly Reports: Every week, you'll receive an email summary of your child's Discord activities. So, even with a busy schedule, you can stay informed about your child's online interactions. Remember to save these emails, as there isn't a long-term archive available.

Respecting Privacy: While it lets you see who your teen is chatting with, Family Center does not allow you to read their messages or hear their calls. This strikes a balance between giving your child their digital freedom while ensuring their safety.

Why Should Parents Care?

Now, you might be thinking, "Should I really be jumping on this?" While the Family Center isn't a one-stop solution to online safety, it's a significant step forward. It allows you to gain insight into your child's online world, which, in turn, opens the door for conversations about online safety and responsible behavior.

How Do I Get Started?

Setting up Family Center is straightforward. First, you'll need your own Discord account. Then, navigate to User Settings and select Family Center. Your child will need to share a time-sensitive QR code with you to complete the activation process.

How Does Valhallan Esports Training Use Discord?

Long before Discord Family Center, Valhallan has been ahead of the game in keeping kids safe online. We use private Discord servers at all our arenas, events, and league play, and we monitor it closely to ensure kids have a safe, fun, and non-toxic environment to play in at Valhallan!

A Helping Hand in Digital Parenting

Discord's Family Center is essentially a boon for digital parenting. It might not prevent every potential online threat, but it does provide a useful tool to help monitor and guide your child's online behavior. With a user-friendly setup, privacy-conscious monitoring, and detailed reports, you can feel more confident about your child's safety in the digital playground that is Discord.

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