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May 17, 2022
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Legendary Path: Where Players Become Legends

Learn more about only esports training program that combines esports mastery with life skills.

Legendary Path: Where Players Become Legends

Legendary Path: Where Players Become Legends

Valhallan brings video games out of the basement and into the spotlight with a training program that combines esports mastery with life skills.

Kids are playing more video games than ever. According to the ESA, 76% of American kids under 18 years old play video games. Parents want to embrace their children's interests, but also want them to have healthy outlets for those interests.  

With Valhallan, kids don't just play video games. They train, scrimmage, and compete. They get coaching and the experience of being part of a team. They complete character building exercises and achieve milestones. They get the opportunity to continually improve and build confidence over our 3-tier, 18-month program called the Legendary Path.

The Legendary Path teaches the fundamental values essential to success in any sport: leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, mastery, and community. Valhallan teams play on a closed circuit, meaning kids are only playing other kids on other Valhallan teams – all part of our effort to build a safe community and healthy approach to esports. But they will have a chance to prove themselves in tournaments against teams from across the country -- both inside and outside of Valhallan.

The Mission is Mastery

Each Valhallan member embarks on The Legendary Path – an 18-month journey taking them from novice gamer to formidable competitor and esports expert. When a player signs up for Valhallan, they choose what game (Fortnite®, Apex Legends®, Rocket League®, League of Legends®, Valorant®, or Overwatch®) in which they want to compete. Then, they’re assigned to a team and report for duty.  

Regardless of where they are on the path, players come into the Valhallan arena twice per week. During their first session, they work through the weekly lesson under their coach’s supervision. Later in the week, they’ll come into the Valhallan arena for a scrimmage with their team. Each team competes in a quarterly Valhallan regional tournament. The winning teams advance to national and eventually world tournaments.  

Here's a sample video of what players see in a weekly lesson:

The Legendary Path Tier 1: Recruit

Every Valhallan player starts on the Recruit tier. Here, players learn the fundamental skills every player needs in order to show up for their team. We introduce them to the story, lore, and characters in their game of choice. They’ll also work with their coach to learn how to set healthy, challenging goals and craft a plan to achieve those goals.  

Lastly, they’ll choose a gamer tag and present their player persona to their team and parents.  

The Legendary Path Tier 2: Elite

After completing six months of training as a Recruit, Valhallan players rise to the Elite tier where we focus on upping each player’s skillset - not just as players, but as leaders. We dive deeper into the worldbuilding and strategic layers to each game. Now, players learn to collaborate with their team to develop game plans and execute sophisticated plays alongside their teammates.  

Additionally, coaches guide Elite level players through perfecting the mechanical skillset specific to each game.  

The Legendary Path Tier 3: Legend

Players at the Legend tier continue playing with their teams while the Valhallan curriculum focuses on the esports industry. Everything from advanced strategy, to streaming and video production to tournament organization.  

Valhallan players graduate – or “ascend” – out of The Legendary Path with the knowledge and tools they need to carve their own path in esports. Whether that’s competitive play on a collegiate or professional level, esports journalism, or even coaching at a Valhallan arena.  

Legendary Esports Training

Valhallan’s 18-month curriculum creates a community among players – bringing them back week after week. Developed by an expert team including pro esports athletes and former gaming center owners, The Legendary Path teaches real skills for players in gaming and in life.

Want to learn more about your own Legendary Path as a Valhallan Franchisee? Request franchise info today.

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