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May 25, 2022
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Valhallan is Coming to the East Coast

13 franchise territories begin opening in the Carolinas and along the East Coast in late 2022.

Valhallan is Coming to the East Coast

Savvy entrepreneurs are rapidly tapping into the multibillion-dollar esports market with Valhallan.

That was fast. In our first month of franchising, we’ve awarded 13 franchise territories in North Carolina, South Carolina, and other markets along the East Coast, with the first openings slated for late 2022.

This is just the beginning of several planned markets we’re targeting. We’re also seeking franchisees in Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Nevada, and Louisiana. We’ve opened up franchise opportunities across all major markets in the UK as well.

Given the tremendous response we’re seeing to the franchise opportunity—we expect the best markets will go fast. Secure yours by requesting franchise info in the U.S. or UK.  

"We are taking a front-row seat in the explosive gaming community and the multibillion-dollar esports industry. The Carolinas and broader East Coast are a perfect debut with more states and the U.K. to follow," said David Graham, chief executive officer of Valhallan and our parent company FranchiCzar. "Our goal is to be the only partner you need to run a successful esports business."

Esports is one of the fastest-growing industries, with more than 90% of children and 50% of adults spending their free time playing video games. Valhallan will provide unmatched experiences that combine a rigorous esports training program with state-of-the-art esports arenas for young players, who get the opportunity to be part of a team and community while taking their gaming skills to the next level.

Valhallan goes beyond a darkened room with computers. Their esports training program, "the Legendary Path," takes players on a nine-level, 18-month customizable journey that develops gaming mastery and life skills like leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and community engagement.  

Valhallan offers franchisees, and their teams, access to compete across the country from inside and outside of Valhallan. The exposure to different groups provides real-life challenges so that kids know that when they win, it's real. The program doesn't just tell players that they are getting better. They will see it because they are playing teams that aren't getting the same training.

"Valhallan is born out of this massive demographic of young people who love video games and the growing demand from parents and players for healthy outlets with great facilities, coaching, training and tournaments," Graham explained. "When you look at where young people spend their free time, it's evident that gaming dominates. The Valhallan franchise uses today's top games, combined with learning modules, that teach players how to play better and gain valuable life principles."

As part of the FranchiCzar family of brands, Valhallan franchisees have the advantage of FranchiCzar’s  world-class software and services designed to help franchise brands scale their growth.  

For more information on Valhallan and how to inquire about franchise opportunities nationwide visit our franchise pages for the US or UK.

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