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October 27, 2022
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Valhallan Acquires NXT UP Esports

We’ve acquired NXT UP Esports — enabling us to reach youth esports players worldwide.

Valhallan Acquires NXT UP Esports

We’ve acquired NXT UP Esports. The move adds virtual capabilities — enabling us to reach youth esports players worldwide.

We are delighted to welcome  NXT UP Esports to the Valhallan family. NXT UP Esports is largest provider of virtual youth esports camps and leagues across the United States. Meaning, Valhallan can now provide an inclusive environment for esports competition — regardless of skill — for kids anywhere in the world, even if there isn't a Valhallan arena close by.

With the acquisition of NXT UP Esports and the recent acquisitions of the United Federation of Esports Athletes (UFEA) league and the North American Esports League (NAEL), we’re now set up to host thousands of teams and players, solidifying Valhallan as the largest youth esports franchise. Together with our exclusive training program, The Legendary Path, we offer the best training and competition for youth esports players — no matter where they’re located.  

Like Valhallan, NXT UP Esports prides itself on its youth development that teaches players essential life skills through video games, with the belief that the lessons kids learn from being a part of a team can extend to all aspects of their lives, now and in the future. Integrating with Valhallan's curriculum helps develop each player's self-confidence, communication skills, social development, leadership ability and in-game skills in a fun and safe environment.  

The acquisition also brings NXT UP Esports founder Luke Zelon to the Valhallan team as the new Vice President of Media and Partnerships. Under Zelon, NXT UP Esports has established partnerships and connections with influential esports and youth programs such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Team Liquid and traditional sports company U.S. Sports Camps. Valhallan will look to add additional partnerships that are aligned with the brand.

"By combining the training and curriculum of Valhallan with the virtual capabilities of NXT UP Esports, Valhallan can offer the experience of a lifetime for young gamers from almost anywhere in the world," said Zelon. "With the new addition, Valhallan can now reach a larger audience while bringing exciting new opportunities to the world of esports."


More information on Valhallan and how to inquire about franchise opportunities nationwide is available at, and for the U.K. Interested parties can also contact to learn more.

More information about NXT UP Esports is available at

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