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August 5, 2022
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5 Ways Kids & Parents Win with Valhallan Esports

Socialization, sportsmanship, safety, skills, and STEM — 5 S’s that make Valhallan a win-win.

5 Ways Kids & Parents Win with Valhallan Esports

Socialization, sportsmanship, safety, skills, and STEM — 5 S’s that make Valhallan a win-win.  

We’ve set out to make Valhallan the best youth esports program in the world. Ambitious, we know. But we’re confident because our model is in-demand, and we have the team, tools, and partnerships to deliver.

We’re striving for something greater than just helping kids excel at video games. Being the best youth esports program also means making esports a better, safer, and more fun place for all. And we’re doing that by giving Valhallan players the foundation to become not just great players, but good people, instilling skills that will positively impact them for the rest of their lives.  

Socialization: fun with a purpose

Parents often lament that their kids spend too much time playing video games at home. But games aren’t the only culprit.

A confluence of factors, including the drop in team sports participation, the increase in homeschooling, and growing presence of smartphones, mean that kids have fewer opportunities to be social. There’s also a large proportion of kids who aren’t suited for traditional sports due to physical or mental limitations, causing them to miss out on camaraderie on the playing field.

Enter Valhallan. Our arenas are inclusive places that welcome kids of all abilities and backgrounds, giving them the experience of being part of a like-minded community and a team that's competing together to achieve a greater goal.

Because each Valhallan arena franchise is locally owned, the passion and pride for the local community is a top priority. That sense of pride permeates the arena and everyone in it.  

When Valhallan teams compete in tournaments with the NAEL (the largest youth esports league, owned by Valhallan) they have tons of fun while making lasting memories and building stronger bonds with their peers. What child or parent doesn’t like the sounds of that?

Sportsmanship: handshakes, fist bumps, and high fives

One of the most important skills players can develop in any sport or competitive activity is practicing good sportsmanship.  

Every sports fan knows that how a player carries themselves on a field or court—win or lose—influences how they are perceived in the stands and in the locker room. The same is true for esports players.  

Valhallan’s curriculum coaches players how successful esports players conduct themselves, as well as how to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that have held back would-be champions. The way players interact with competitors or teammates (both online and in person) is a crucial part of being a team player and having a bright future in esports—and in life.  

Safety: teaching kids to be careful

It’s never been more important to teach kids how to be safe online. And for parents who aren't gamers themselves, they may not be able to guide kids through the nuances of esports platforms like Discord, YouTube, and Twitch.  

There are multiple ways that Valhallan creates a safe environment for young gamers, starting with curriculum. A significant part of Valhallan’s curriculum is dedicated to teaching players how to be safe by walking them through important aspects of online gaming culture like choosing a Gamertag, protecting their personal information and devices, and learning to communicate safely and appropriately.  

Valhallan players are required to adhere to our code of conduct to ensure every player is treated respectfully. And while they’re using our secure Discord server, kids can only interact with other Valhallan members. Coaches and Valhallan staff closely monitor these chats—all part of encouraging good sportsmanship and building a team.

STEM: from concept to concrete

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields not only make video games possible, but also provide a potential career path for young gamers. One study found that half of esports athletes planned to pursue STEM degrees in college. Another report found that girls who play video games are 3x more likely to study STEM degrees.  

Valhallan players learn concepts such as problem-solving, strategy, critical thinking, perseverance, and collaboration which are all pillars of a well-developed STEM mindset and a well-developed player.  

Esports players must approach each match with an analytic mindset – how can they maximize their efforts and character’s abilities to the greatest effect and ultimately to win the day?

Skills: upping the game

Last, but certainly not least, Valhallan players improve their gaming skills. With weekly practice time guided by Valhallan coaches and peer-to-peer collaboration, casual players can become legends.  

Players choose their game and follow the Legendary Path, the program where players learn everything from the basics, to character attributes, to strategy, and ultimately game mastery. Mechanical concepts like wrist aiming versus arm aiming are also crucial, developing proper form both for maximum impact and physical conditioning.  

The right training certainly gives Valhallan players an edge, but also it gives them the gift of longevity in the game as they learn to avoid injury and take care of their mental health.  

Getting kids’ heads and hearts in the game

Learning together, playing together, growing together—just like in traditional team sports—the experience of playing on a Valhallan team will impact kids for the rest of their lives, and that’s something that every parent can get behind. At the heart of Valhallan is, well, a lot of heart.

Learn more about Valhallan and the people who are building the brand here. Interested in franchise opportunities? Contact us about the US or the UK.

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