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May 2, 2022
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10 Stats That Prove Esports Is the Next Big Thing

The numbers are in: esports has entered the big leagues - and that means big opportunity.

10 Stats That Prove Esports Is the Next Big Thing

The esports industry is soaring. We’ve got the proof points for why franchising with Valhallan is a win-win for entrepreneurs like you.  

The numbers are in: esports has entered the big leagues with players, fans, and sponsors driving the industry to new heights – and that means new opportunities to get involved. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the facts and figures below.  

The esports market just keeps going and growing.

  • In 2021, the video game market size in the United States surpassed $85.86 billion U.S. dollars, up from the all-time industry high in 2020 with 76.15 billion U.S. dollars (Statista).
  • The esports market is projected to reach a value of $2.89 billion by 2025 (Statista).
Source: Statista

  • As of March 2022, the top earning Esports player as of March 2022 is Johan Sundstein (popularly known as "N0tail"). He's made a total of $7.18 million to date. Currently, six esports players have won totals exceeding $5 million. And a total of 118 have exceeded the $1-million mark (e-sports Earnings).
  • With 84 million viewers in the U.S., esports viewership surpasses all pro sports leagues apart from the NFL (Syracuse University).\

Esports are a big part of the average teen’s life these days.

With nearly 227 million players of all ages across the U.S. (ESA), gone are the days when video games were considered a lazy kid’s pastime. Nowadays, esports are being embraced by the whole family.

Source: Entertainment Software Association

  • Kids ages thirteen to eighteen spend 69 minutes per day playing computer or console games (Digital Wellness Lab).
  • 76% of kids in the U.S. play video games (ESA).
  • 74% of parents play games with their children at least weekly (ESA).

There are big benefits for esports athletes at the top of their game.

Just like in traditional sports, there’s a bright future for esports athletes. Especially those dedicated to developing their skills both in and out of the game.  

  • More than 8,600 high schools have created esports teams since the fall of 2018 (Inc.).
  • 175 universities are now providing esports scholarships to a total of $16 million annually. And the average student esports athlete receives $4,800 in tuition awards a year, (National Association of College Esports).

Source: Wired

  • Not only do video games help with STEM learning (Forbes), they provide cognitive benefits including enhanced strategic thinking, problem solving, focus, social skills, and self-esteem (American Psychological Association).  

Tap into a surging market and play your part in the future of esports.

Get into the esports industry and make a difference in the lives of kids in your community by opening a Valhallan esports franchise. With low start-up costs, unmatched curriculum, and first-class support from FranchiCzar – there's no better franchising opportunity than Valhallan. Request franchise info today.

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